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Keep in mind that VSIG inputs and outputs are DSP I/Os, NOT the actual physical I/Os of the H8000.

The ROUTING function of the H8000 is what you need to program to connect physical I/Os to those DSPs I/Os.

Your example:

if your preset is mono audio, there is really no need to use in/out 2 in Vsig. Infact your amp SEND is mono and is sufficient to use a singe input. If your preset is stereo I/O then you coud have INPUT 1 of the H8000 routed to DSP inputs 1 and 2 and its outputs conncted to OUTPUT 1 for mono use, as this will be connected to your amp fx loop return.

If you are creating mono algorithms in Vsig, just use 1 I/O on the H8000. You won't need the others.

If you want to se factory stereo presets, you can connect INPUT 1 of the unit to both in1 and 2 of the DSP and then sum DSP outs 1 and 2 to H8000 OUTPUT 2.

Things depend on how you connect DSP I/Os to the H8000 I/Os.