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ok, software version is v5.2

I´m using it as a guitar amp send/return effect with one planet wave cable and one (pretty expensive) xlr to 1/4 cable. I forgot the name. But since I only have this problem when I go to the "Thru" program on DSP B and it´s gone when i completely bypass DSP B, it shouldn´t be the cables. So I can get the original signal out of it when I want.

The i/o routing is a preset routing from the unit, Analog A-B. The i/o levels are all set to 0db and it works fine. Since I said, this distortion is NOT digital, so no pops or scratching, it is true natural distortion. Unfortunately I can´t give you the preset name(s) because I was just sneaking into it and that was a lot to handle :). It was just something I realized.

So there are TWO problems that may be looked on seperately:

1. Sound gets dumb when I go on the program "Thru" on DSP B but this disappears when I completely bypass DSP B. I´ll have to check if this is also the case when I´m not on the thru program but on a "normal"/diffrent program.

2. Some of the effects are distorting strangely light. I will try to let DSP B bypasse when that problem occurs again and see if this is also the reason for problem 2.

I will now check everything once again so I´ve not given you false information. Please ask if you need more. This was only a quick reply, I will now play around an see if I can maybe solve the problem.