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ok guys, I have a lucky update to make :). I realized, that I only have this sound change (it sounds like a high cut by the way) when I bypass ONE DSP only. So if I bypass them both the sound is fine, if I load the thru program in both the sound is fine, too. Only hen I bypass one DSP (in the Levels/Bypass area) the sound starts to get difrent. So I´ll just not use it then…seems to be normal this way.

Oh, btw, the wet/drys are all set to 100%.

I also realized, that when I put the H8000 into my effects chain, the overall sound gets louder. So that may be the reason where the distortion of my clean sound occurs. Like I said, it´s analog distortion. So maybe it´s the effects chains "fault".

That leads me to a question I wanted to ask because it´s pretty unobvious in the manual. The manual says if you have to cut volume in the levels area, don´t do it on the inputs. It also says not to do it at the outputs^^. So where to do it then?

Where do I cut down the volume a little so the overall volume gets even to the pure amp (no Eventide connected) without loosing any quality of the signal?

P.s.: I must say this thing is really pretty much high end^^. I usually loose signal with a TC unit when I put it into the cahin…