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Hello guys, 

so far so good, I reieved my cables today, 2xsp/pdif and 1x Word Clock.

How would you say do I hook up the WordClock with my Digi 003 Rack? I think I have to use the H8000FW as a slave, because the ProTools manual says the 003 can only be master. So I hooked up the WordClock out of the Digi Rack with the WordClock in of the H8000. Iß´m gonna set the preferences in ProTools to Word Clock then and on the H8000 I´ll set the Source to WordClock in the setup area, I should be done then, right?

Now, what if I connect the H8000 to a PC via FireWire? The manual says the PC and the H8000 MUST have the same sampling rate at all time, doesn´t that get confusig then, if two sources want to synchronize the H8000?

I also may be back with a question about the S/PDIF hookup, but Ill try that on my own :). First time I´m doing that, I usually only play guitar^^.