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ok guys, thanks, everything works right now :). The problem was, that the ProTools Reference guide says, that it can be Master, not slave…but the 003 manual says it can do both, I set it up with this manual.

I´m very close to finishing what I wanted to approach, but the i/o setup of the H8000FW is very confusing…I just tripped over the right settings to hear something in ProTools.

The Problem is, when I remove the S/PDIF 3/4 from in 1-2 and put it to in 5-6 I won´t hear anything…but In 1-2 should remain my analog ins, I wanna customize my routing here. I tried to get everything working with in 5-6 but somehow it won´t do…

I need the routing program for my mac to look through…

Edit: Is there a routing program for Mac OSX available? I only get an .exe file and some .emf and .rfw files when I download it.