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"I just tried to run the H8000FW with my Windows PC and it doesn´t work (who´d have thunk it^^)"

Patill, would you care to describe what exactly did you try? Details, please.

1- The MAIN Outputs allow to sum two sources to one output. It's a very useful feature if you think about it.

As an example, you could have the 2 DSPs 8 outputs to run in parallel by simply using this feature.

3- It's actually not clear how the DSP B inputs are connected. Please describe all of them.

4.1- on which Main Outputs you choose S/pdif 3/4 and get only delayed sound?

4.2- it simply means you are assigning what you have defined as MAIN Outputs to the AES/EBU outputs, oinstead of the other available choices.

What exactly you want to connect to the H8000 and how would you like to route your sources and the DSPs and the outputs? Understanding that will help us helping you.