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Firstly – please read the manual (several times) and, in general,  only create your own routings if none of the Factory Routings are suitable. What you show looks like it should work.


That´s it, it works like this and ONLY like this. If I put the S/PDIF 3 and 4 inputs on IN 3-8 and connect the following as it should work, nothing works.

Don't understand what you are asking here.

I mean S/PDIF 3-4 only works on the Main Inputs 1 and 2 (like shown above) and not with any other Main input. What I would like is a setup, where I can play my guitar and where the unit is connected to ProTools as an insert (via S/PDIF 3-4), both at the same time, so I don´t have to switch around the routings all the time. 

So let´s say Main inputs 1-4 are fed from the analog ins and Main inputs 5 and 6 are fed by S/PDIF 3 and 4. But S/PDIF only works on Main input 1 and 2, you understand now? Is that normal?

I really read the manual several times :).

Another question, I connected a microphone today and I would like to eliminate the sound of my own voice when hearing pitch shifted stuff. I set the Wet/Dry to 100 on each DSP but I still hear my natural voice sound through somehow…can you help me out with that? 

Of course I´ll read the manual once again, I also looked into it for this problem, but this is really confusing.