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You don't say what preset you are using, but I notice that you are using DSP in and out 5/6. This will only work if these inputs and outputs are used by the preset. For example this will work with an 8 channel preset, but will not work with a stereo preset, which uses DSP in/out 1/2.

My guess is that this is your problem – use DSP in/out 1/2 instead of 5/6.

Regarding the meters, make sure that the preset input levels are set to maximum.

At the risk or repetition, you will make your life easier by using the Factory routings for  straightforward applications. For exaple, "AES8 A->B" will give you the correct routing, all you would have to do is to select S/PDIF3/4 as input.

Once you have exercised the Factory Routings, then tweak them to go further.