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Hi Daniel

ok! Let's get this UP & RUNNING!

No temperamental machines here. Things are easy and very specific.

You should *NOT* use <null modem> serial cables! Unfortunately there are several ways serial cables can be wired, for different applications (mouse, modems, industrial control, older PDA, etc.). We use the simple straight wiring, the basic one. Each pin of the cable is wired to the correspondent numbered pin…so 1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3 and likewise on. This type of serial cable is an RS-232 THRU cable, w/9 pin male connector on one end and a 9 pin female on the other.

If you are from USA, I once bought a "Radio Shack #26-117B Shielded RS-232C Cable 6' " that works perfectly. It's been a few years now, so they might have a different part number. I also own a couple of HAMA (German brand) serial cables that look exactly like the ones here:


they are both presented as mouse cables. I bought them a few years back so I can't be 100% sure as the cables have no part # on them. Everything is on the box which I nuked ages ago…

Here's a link to another vendor:


Once you have the right cable, which proves to work with Oupdate and Vsigfile on a PC, you should proceed to install the USB to SERIAL converter on your Mac. The Kwyspan works fine and has drivers for 10.4 and 10.5. Not sure you can use it yet on Snow "White".

The driver installs an app to configure the serial com. The instructions are very self explanatory.

Then install vSigX (and please refer to the following link for updates/info/support on it:  http://www.wholecheese.com/vsigx/vsigx.html)

Once all of this is done, on a Mac you'll be able to use vSigX under OS X and even Vsigfile under Windows (both as native Bootcamp use or virtualized) using the same cable.

Start with geting the right cable.