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you need to follow *me* and answer my questions…or we won't get anywhere.


What is the "radio shack" thing you are referring to? It's the serial cable or an USB to Serial adaptor?

Cable do NOT need any driver. Adaptors do.

My question about the Keyspan was " where you are trying to physically connect it?". Please reply.

Which OS X version are you running on your Mac?

The Keyspan USA-19HS (I hope THIS is the one you have):


it has drivers for Mac and Windows! Just click on Help and Downloads.

1- For 10.5.x Leopard download the file Model USA-19HS Keyspan Driver – Mac OS X. (zip.2MB) . This is the driver version 2.5 and works with Leopard. If you run Snow Leopard (I hope you don't yet!) there's a driver for it too: Model USA-19HS, USA-49WG, USA-28XG & UPR-112G Keyspan Driver – Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

 (zip –

386 Kb

install the correct drivers on the Mac.

2-connect the Keyspan to an USB port on the Mac, using a regular USB cable.

3-connect a THRU serial cable between the serial port of the Keyspan to the H8000 port

4-power on the Eventide and check SETUP > MIDI menupage. Click MIDI soft key 2 more times to enter the serial com settings.

They should be set on:

Serial : enabled

baud rate : 115200

data bits : 8

stop bits : 2

parity : none

these settings should be set to the same values on the computer. The driver install a small app on the mac, named KEYSPAN SERIAL ASSISTANT. If you launch it, a window opens showing the following:

Serial Ports

> 1[USA19H]

click the > arrow and below it shows:



it's simply telling you the system now has 1 serial port and its name is the last string of text.

Close the Keyspan Serial Assistant.

Launch vSigX

Click on its Preferences menu

Click the Connection panel

Check "Serial" on the left if it's not checked yet

For Port Name choose:




any of them will work.

Make sure here Baud Rate/Data Bits/Parity/Stop Bits are set to the same values as on the Eventide and leave Flow Control to None.

Close Preferences.

Now you will be able to get a preset from the H8000 to the Mac, in vSigX clicking on GET PATCH, under the MIDI menu. Please refer to vSigX manual for further assistance on how to use the program.

While I'm typing this, I have CLEAN INSTALLED the drivers on my MacBook as described and everything works perfectly….