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Incorrect. You should do exactly what I said:

-set the unit to 100%wet

-remove the parallel analog signal from your preamp

this is so because the Virtual Racks/MIDI Virtual Racks Bank presets have the DRY sound internally, going straignt from I to O. This is NOT managed by the system dry/wet balance.

When we created these presets the decision to keep the dry within the algorithm was owed to 2 good resons:

-presets that have a wah/wah or/and filter/eq or/and tremolo or/and compressor should be always have the dry sound in series, because that's what is processed by such typically in_series fx.

-the Eventide DSP/H series has such a terrific sounding conversion and input headroom that there is practically no audible difference between a digital dry sound and the original analog one.