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there seems to be some confusion here.

First off, the problem of "phased" sound (comb filtering is what happens) is *not* owed to overdriven/distorted sound. It's simply a matter of mixing any two instances of the same sound. They overlap and tend to cancel common frequencies, somehow. If one of the instances is then a digital one, it has some inherent delay owed to A/D + D/A conversion and other delay added by FX. This delay changes the way the "phasing" issue is perceived, but it's still there. Sometimes it can also be an interesting FX.

(on this subject, I find VERY, VERY interesting to use MICRODELAY, with settings lower than 1 millisecond, to get very special EQ on distorted sounds. The canceling of common frequencies of the 2 overlapping frequencies can be managed by very short time delay to fine tune a "dominant" sonic character in the gtr tone. It's a very refined tecnique….but this is another story).

Secondly, the H7600 manages dry/wet balance at system level, as you already know. BUT…being a totally open platform, an algorithm/preset can be designed to have a dry path in it (and even a level control for it). Obviously any signal path in the algorithm should be considered as part of the "wet" portion only of the system output. So if a dry sound is present in an algorithm, the unit should be used in full wet balance to avoid phase canceling. This is true of a very, very small number of presets and is always understandable from the presets' INFO menupage.

Your questions:

1- you won't get any phasing issue as long as you don't use dry sound from your preamp + dry sound inherent to a preset, as explained above. When using the Virtual racks presets, the solution is very simple: program the Switchblade to cut off the dry feeds and listen to the H7600 alone, in 100% wet mode. When going back to presets having no dry sound in the algorithm, just enable the preamp feeds again.

2- I don't understand what you mean by "module" in your question. But the phasing issue is not related to a "module" (?). It's caused by the way a preset is designed. You could even modify algorithms with our Vsigfile editor to remove the dry sound.

3- I believe this is explained by my points above.

4- always better feeding the Harmonizer with a line level (+4dB) signal.

The Switchblade is perfect for *ANY* mixing task. It only requires a clean vison of the signal path and the used FX in it.

Not clear to mehow your rig is made and routed…..nor why would you use 4 speakers! Dry signal is mono anyway!

You could simply use 2 with the appropriate mix or a 3 speakers setup, with "always dry" cabinet in the center and the 2 stereo ones for "only wet" on the sides….but it will require you to program the Switchblade accordingly when using these special Virtual Racks presets…or use Vsigfile to remove the dry path from them.