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that's good! A clean start is what we need.


If you have a dry sound and an FX in parallel to it, you will get "phasing" ONLY if the FX has a dry sound copy (of the parallel dry one) in it.

I have gone thru so many rigs and equipment in the last 25 years and fond that the easy solution working for me is….simple.

Split the signal from the preamp in two lines

Send one directly to the mixer (the Switchblade in your case) and send it UNTOUCHED to the power amp/speakers. This is what you mom and dad worked so hard for!

Send the other part of the split signal to the FX processor and connect its outputs to the mixer (SwBlade for you)

Mono DRY and stereo WET are now in parallel! Keep the H7600 on 100% wet.

Any time you need a MIDI Virtual Rack preset, just program the Switchblade to MUTE/KILL/KAPUTT the parallel dry from the preamp. The H7600 is SO good you won't hear any difference. This is also true for any preset that has effects that should typically be used IN SERIES, rather than IN PARALLEL, like compression, Eq, wah-wah, tremolo.

So…simply…keep the signals in parallel and mute the dry whenever the FX preset has dry in it and/or has IN SERIES fx.

Now vacations in a beautiful greek island would be much nicer!