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the reasons why these presets have dry soun in them:

-you may be very surprised at how many people own (and spend $$$/€€€) great guitars/amps/preamps/FX units and have no clue about/will to use splitters/mixers/routers. It's amazing but it's real. So a dry sound helps.

-the quality of the A/D-D/A conversion is so high that there is no audible difference between analog and digital dry. I have tested many units on this and the Orville/H7600/H8000 are the only FX processors capable of this.

-many virtual racks have compression/eq/Wah/tremolo in them. These FX must be put in series, not in parallel. So a dry sound must go thru the whole algorithm.

-sometimes the complexity of these structures and the order of fx require the presence of dry sound. A chorus after a mod delay needs dry sound to be…a chorus.

We could have added a dry kill function in the presets…problem is that they are so big…over the verge of not running…so some cuts were necessary.

For the "evolved" guitarist it shouldn't be a problem though as a programmable router (such as yours) does the trick…or editing the preset in Vsigfile allows the user to remove the dry path at will.


When it comes to Allan's tone, my friend, there's little you can do. I have met the man several times and discussed tone and gear for hours. His distortion tone, besides his heavenly touch, comes from a load box put on an overdriven amp speaker output. HE builds this device and change it very often, experimenting with different capacitors for tonal coloration. The man is a maniac!

The H8000  is not really designed to work in this area, unless you know how to put together an algorithm that tries to accomplish this in some way. Allan's distorted sound has little fx on it, just a bit of delay, that's it. A great work on eq may come close, but you need to use your gear as speakers, cabinets, amps…may sound so different. Any suggestion in settings is simply vain.

The fx on his clean sound are another story. Allan's last chorusing (and settings) are available in the H8000. I believe in the 7600 too. There's a preset called "Allan Chorus". 8 voice chorus done with his "numerology" values and used structure. Won't name the product but it's NOT the same sound he used to get earier with 3 different couples of digital delays.

all the best