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Cabling was my first though but I eliminated it at the onset since I realized routing might be a bit tricky. Currently running signal in to DSP A and am able to hear signal at analog 1&2 or 3&4 depending on where I route to so that verifies that 3&4 have good cables and also are functioning. Tired signal into DSP B again and am unable to get DSP B to output to any of the analog outs after making the appropriate routing selections. DSP B will output to any of the digital connections but simply won't transfer signal to the analog outs. This is also verified by the internal meters as showing nothing coming out of DSP B on analog 3&4 but shows signal on AES/EBU 3&4. If DSP B was passing signal to the analog outs as routed, it should show on the front panel meter when selecting levels/Source: Outputs. Still using "analog dual stereo" routing scheme.

Is there a way to re-initialize or reset the unit that might clear up it's refusal to route DSP B to analog? Thanks for all the suggestions!