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1) DSP A routed to analog 3&4 shows up on the output meters.

2)Tried several different presets to no avail.

3)DSP B will route to AES/EBU 3&4 and display on the output meters, it just won't output to any of the analog selections. DSP B is currently connected to analog 3&4 and AES/EBU 3&4 and is only passing signal to the AES output. The meters also confirm the lack of signal at the analog out from DSP B but show signal routed to AES/EBU 3&4. I know DSP B is passing audio, just not to the analog outs since I can use the meter settings to follow the audio. 

Going to give CLEAR SETUP a try and see if it knocks some sense into it… or me… Stick out tongue