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regarding BYPASS:

Relay Byp
When this is selected, the analog XLR inputs and outputs are connected by a relay (you can hear it click when you operate the switch). The digital inputs and outputs are connected electronically, as in DSP bypass.
The ¼” jacks will be muted, so you should not use relay bypass if you are using these jacks.
Note that when Eclipse is powered down, the same relay connects the analog XLRs, so that signal can pass through.

DSP Byp (DSP bypass – the normal mode)
When this is selected, both effects blocks are electronically bypassed, preserving all global levels. This means, for example, that if you were coming in digital and going out analog, you would still have signal when bypassed, in contrast to relay bypass above.

If you are having tone/level problems with DSP Bypass, it may depend on one or more of several factors:

-input/output levels settings

-eccessive cables length/poor quality. Eclipse and long guitar cords don't match. Studio grade cables are recommended.

-levels/impedance mismatching of gear connected to Eclipse. 1/4" jacks should ONLY be used for instrument level signals (-20dB/-10dB). You don't specify what kind of signal comes out of your pedalboard.

In general, Eclipse best connection place is an FX loop, using XLRs connectors. If you can, try that. Also, try taking the pedalboard away anc connect Eclipse to your gtr. Is the problem still there? That may be an incompatibility between the two. We have seen this in the past. Some pickups require hefty buffers to directly deal with fx processors.