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I was thinking to make it series OR parallel via an internal switch; so the user will be able to choose how to run it…..

I have to check if it's a simple mod. My doubt is on the SERIES one. So let me ask you something.

As you have noticed the 2290 preset has dry sound in it, with level AND panning dynamic modulation. So, when set in series, the firts 2290 will feed the second both dry and wet. The second 2290 will have its own dry….and that's wrong. The management of dry sound is complex here and I'm not sure how to implement it in this series of 2290s.

Another factor that adds complexity is the dynamic modulation. The single 2290 preset gets its dynamic modulation (chorusin/duckin/pannin) from the dry sound level, even though you may cut dry sound level to 0%. When you put 2 2290s in series and use no dry thru from the first, the dynamic mod of the second will be triggered by by the delays of the first, whose mod is already triggered by dry sound. The second 2290 will sound awful as dynamics are not well controlled, being already processed in the first 2290.

I'm even asking myself if having the 2 in series has any value at all!