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this one should make it!

6 delays taps with feedback on delay 1 and 4. In this way you have 2 groups of 3 delays each… that is a multitap delays array. Feedback is recirculated thru each group of delays…and has diffusion and hicut in its path. So you can create highly diffused ("smeared") and filtered delays like in the PCM70.

Input mode can be selected between mono (input 1) and stereo (inputs 1&2), so if you feed a stereo signal to your 4000, like a chorus or something similar, it will keep the stereo field coherent thru I/O.

Be careful with feedback settings!!! As each single feedback goes thru 3 delays, it can build up and run away. No need for hi settings really.

Hicut is bypassed when set at 20000 Hz. You'll find plenty of info in the preset anyway.

I have tweaked it to the Circular Delays settings in your links and used my ears. You may adjust it further.

I hope it loads on the 4000. Shouldn't be too big. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll cut something out.

Let me know!

Have fun in gtr land!