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Hi Italo

First of all I want to thank you for all your efforts to make the preset, when I saw your post yesterday I couldn't believe it…I wanted to know what it sounded like but it was too late at night to fire up my guitar rig. However this morning I did. I didn't have any problems loading your preset into my Eventide, in two seconds it was done. Then I played a few notes on my guitar and bam, the sound was there…a huge sound coming out of my speakers. It's really really good, I think you nailed the sound of the PCM 70 on that one! I couldn't believe how good it sounded…I chose to run the preset in stereo because my whole rig is wired in stereo and it sounds marvelous…

Anyway thanks a million for designing the patch, now I can play with an amazing sound in my set up. All I can say is that Eventide rules!