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You don't need VSIG for W/D/W.  You need a seperate wet signal path in amp rig.  It is really just a parallel rig.  Mono dry tone to a 212 center cab and 2 112s for wet.  Set the Eventides to 100% wet.  Grab a tap from your amps send or some kind of line out and feed the Eventides… send their outs to a mixer and send the mixer out to a stereo power amp and then the outs from the amp to the L and R wet cabs.  All done.  🙂

######Hi Man, you are respectfully mistaken, or you not understanding me. The dry path …I.e. your aux send from the console, direct out…whatever you use then comes out of the L/R speakers. I so want you to be right.but try it and listen. It has nothing to do with the wet/dry settings on the h8000.  Say I/you pick rack 6618. You can set the wet/dr mix to 100% …and set the delay/verb to 100% and you will still reamplify your dry center signal through your L/R speakers.