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then i suggest u correct this, which i quoted from the product description for the h8000fw under features

DIGITAL EFFECTS WORKSTATION- Create your own algorithms

With the H8000FW you will run out of ideas before you run out of DSP power.  With our catalog of over 230 effects modules, you can create effects never before thought of either from the front panel or using the supplied development tools for PC or OS X.  Whether creating your own unique signature effect or dialing up one of our studio standard effects from the plethora of preset-algorithms, you will never run out of creative possibilities.

it does say supplied development tools for pc and OS X. right,and not a  third party developer.using his spare time on this

maybe i misunderstand what is meant by development tool and then im a complete fool,and i take it on my narrow shoulders.

 here comes  the rant .

i think its a disaster u dont support your mac customers,its a 5500$ machine which is a bargain compared to what it costs here in eu.and im just a sound geek not making money on music.

the reason i wanted this machine except for the sound, was because you can make your own programs,but without the editor its  like shooting elephants with a softgun or buying a ferrari and only being allowed to sit on the backseat, and i want to do the driving myself, please!! sorry for the lame analogies.

 i will check out the vsigx, but i find it completely surreal that i have to turn to a random guy (which have my respect all the way for using his time on supporting your product).do you pay him for this work? if not i think u should.

 i would also really like to have the e control as an au.but that´s pure dreaming i guess.and not at all as necesarry as the vsig which i think is a must, to use this machine to its full extent.

 windows emulator,oh my god…but thanks for the suggestion anyway.it may come to that one day if you dont make a supported mac editor.

 i love the sound of these machines.its out of this world,and i dont want to be rude, just want to say my  opinion.