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Lucin Niega

Hi There,

Let me give you a little background to my problem, as I had spoken to Jerome on the phone. Ever since I've received my unit there have been weird things happening. One time I turned the power on and the display failed to light up, so i turned it off and on, then I cleared the memory. Another time the meters were dancing when nothing was plugged into it, so I turned the unit off and the meters were still dancing when I turned it back on. Does this sound normal to you? The routing has never worked predictably, with or without the utility. One time I had a routing working like I wanted it so I left the unit as it was, powered on, until my brother came home from work so we could do music. While I was waiting, watching tv, I heard the unit make a clicking sound, so I ran signal through it and realized that the routing had changed by itself. Sound normal?

I told Jerome about this and he advised me to open the unit to make sure that a chip was seated properly as sometimes they come loose during shipping. I didn't do it because it is a very expensive machine and I am not confident enough.

BTW, I hooked up the unit to a different computer with 2 different midi interfaces  using different midi cables and I still couldn't get the routing utility to work. Also, midi works on both computers (Pro Tools, Sonar, Logic). I have owned this unit for 2 .5 – 3 weeks approx. I need to send it back to you for replacement or get a refund from my dealer before it's too late. I would prefer a working unit as opposed to a refund. I tried getting help on the phone but that proved to be impossible.