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I meant to say -15 on the master out.  OK, I called Carvin and they said the effects loop is +4.  I noticed it is tied to the amp volume, not sure if that is normal.  In order to get 1 light on the LED, I had to crank the amp volume to 3, which is loud for a Legacy.  Of course, I cut the master volume on the Eclipse.  I couldn't control the distortion presets very well.  So then, I thought maybe I have a bad cable, so I tried a different unbalanced to XLR, same thing, also tried channel 2 on Eclipse.  So, when I switched the cable from XLR to unbalanced 1/4, I was able to get 3 lights on the LED.  Final settings of 10 on In Gain, -30 on Out Gain and -15 on master out and this seems to work well.  Do you foresee any problems with this configuration?  Do you think I have something else wrong?  Is there another way to boost the In Gain higher with XLR?

Thanks very much for your help,