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Yes, I've tried that, and more. With the 828 disconnected, and only the Eventide connected via Firewire, I get no sound.

With the H8000 set up as only an analog device, I send audio to it, and get nothing back.

I'm sure there's something I'm missing, but I've tried so many possible things, I don't know how to retrace my steps to figure out what's wrong!

Setting the unit to Oscillator gets a tone coming out, so I know at least my analog routing is correct. But then selecting the unit as my only audio interface (nothing else connected) and sending sound via Firewire (not through ableton, just the basic sound effects test from OSX sys prefs) I get nothing. The Mac can connect to the H8000FW just fine. The Dice Control Panel seems to think everything is fine.

I'm convinced there's something I've done wrong in the setup of the unit. But with using the H8000FW's routing preset of 21 – Firewire A-B, I still don't seem to have any luck!!