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I just did a fully analog test using Analog A-B from Routings
Sent analog audio to input 1-2 and green lights appear on the face of the machine, but nothing coming from the H8000's audio out.

When I select Oscillator, the 440 hz tone comes through the analog outs to my board & monitors.

Now I've engaged the Firewire, selected Eventide Dice for my input and output source (both in the Mac sysprefs, and Ableton), and I'm getting the 440 tone in my mixer (which must be receiving it via the H8000 analog out), and I'm seeing a consistent tone reading on the inputs in Ableton.

So I have 440 across the board. However, when I change to a different program, I still get the 440 signal (i switched to "Amp U Lation"). Then I switched the routing preset back to 21- Firewire 8 Track AB. Got a little rumble for a second, but the 440 kept on going.