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Ah, I just checked and it was also the oscillator…

As I thought. Sounds like you can send from the H8000 but not receive. Is this your understanding?

You're correct about that. But there's an update below…

Would you also be kind enough to give clear answers to the following questions I asked earlier ?

I'm sorry, you're right, I skipped over answering these. My apologies.

When you do this, what clock source and presets are you using ?

Is there anything visible on the H8000 meters ?

Have you tried setting the H8000 for factory defaults ?

Are you using the latest H8000 software and drivers (from Web Site) ?

I have gotten lights on the H8000 meters when sending audio to it.

I'm not sure how to set the H8000 for factory defaults.

I am using the latest drivers from the website, but don't know how to check if I've got the latest H8000 software.

**A new development, I am now able to send and receive audio via the H8000. A major hurdle crossed, and I thank you for that.

The next hurdle is how to send signal from the computer through the H8000 <<without>> using the effects. I've set DSP B to Thru, but I don't exactly understand how to separate the routing to DSP B and DSP A. (This was why I planned to use it in conjunction with the Motu 828).