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The 7600 does sound like it has the power.  I am seriously thinking of getting a TC Electronic G-System 1) because of the MIDI board and 2) because of the effects.  But I was also planning on getting an Eventide too.

I suppose if I get the G-System, having the virtual rack is not as extremely important, however the H7600/H8000 lets you precisely define what you want plus you can create any effect you want.  On the other hand $4000 would get you an Eclipse and 5 different Eventide Pedals, but then you have too many pedals to distract from playing the guitar…brain overload!

Thank you by the way Italo for helping with all my questions…there are a lot…

Maybe I'm a little ahead of the times with what I'm wishing for?  Here's to the H9000.  I wish that I could have an effects box that had 8 DSPs that you could edit with VSig, could route in any order, had no latency times between presets, had 8 ins and 8 outs which you could connect to any of the inputs and outputs on the DSPs, and had an insane sampler memory that you could use to record 8 channels of audio with.

I could have my guitar running into the H9000 into a couple of DSPs for effects, then out to my Mesa/Boogie Rig so I can get my Dual Rectifier on the left and my Mark 5 on the right, then have them go through a couple of DSPs for my guitar effects and back out to the power amplifiers.

Ok, so maybe 8 DSPs is a bit much for a guitar player, but I bet the studio guys would love it.  Studio guys could process their 7.1 audio with ease.  The guitar players could easily switch each DSP like they were changing out stompboxes.  =D  And if the design was ambitious, you could allow users to run their own custom software algorithms through the DSPs like custom designed compressors and limiters, reverbs, amp sims, etc.

I suppose the H7600 replacement would have 4 DSPs, the H8000 replacement would have 8 DSPs, and the Eclipse replacement would have 2 DSPs.

Alas, only computers seem to be able to do this right now, but I wish there was a hardware solution.