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Each preset on Eclipse may use either one or two algorithms.

Those that only use ONE algorithm are called crossfade-able. This is because Eclipse can support up to two algorithms – if only one is used by a preset, another single-algorithm preset can be loaded into the other and they can then be crossfaded.

There is another issue – each algorithm uses a different amount of resources. Since a crossfade requires that two presets be loaded, they must not together use more than the total available resources.

This is why two presets may be described as crossfade-able, but cannot be crossfaded. I'm sorry if this is confusing, but it is sort of inevitable.

Since Eclipse has over 100 algorithms, this would lead to over 10000 possible combinations, which would be a large and unreadable chart.

Most of the TF and MF algorithms are large, which means that not many of them can be crossfaded with each other. Sorry. If this is what you need, you should either get individual pedals, or consider an H8000, which (in the next release) will run any two of these algorithms together (at 48kHz sampling).