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it is not clear to me how you connect the three: Mac, Eventide,Apogee.

the Mac and the Eventide are connected via FW and the Eventide and Apogee via ADAT?

so the Apogee can run in stand alone mode, does not need the FW connection to the Mac?

I was following you threat some weeks ago, about connecting the H8000FW with the Mac via USB/Serial cable.

after reading the explanation of IDeangelis, i ordered the Keyspan USA-19HS, the serial cable i still had in the house.

Keyspan arrived, installed VSigX, connected and it worked.

If you have a working Keyspan 19HS, it is probably good to check the serial cable.

It is a very simple cable with only 9 pins, probably not even all in use. if you have one of these cables, and it is not working, check the cable and find out which pin on one side of the cable is connected to which pin on the other side of the cable. there are only 9, so this can be done in 5 min.

If the pins are differently connected then they should be (i do not have the setup in front of me, but easy to find), open one side of the cable, re-solder the connections.

if this is done, it should be working. if it does not yet, other measures have to be taken.