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i am a logic 9 user.   first thing, is your 'plug in latency compensation' (prefs/audio/general) set to 'ALL' ? 

i'm not sure how the H8000FW hooks up as i have a DSP7000 hooked up via analogue. so not sure about how the firewire is used or how it appears in logic.

however i do know that if you are using the i/o plug and sending/returning over analogue or digital, the you need to compensate for the latency by using the 'ping' facility, so you need to have your H8000 set to 100%dry to initially enable the i/o plug to set the latency correctly.

also there were issues in logic 8, that might be sorted in 9, where i/o plug on aux busses caused latency weirdness. the solution was to set up the busses in the environment, not in the mixer. its a bit of a long explanation so i won't go into it unless you want me to.

basically i had my template set up in logic 8 with all my outboard set up in the environment, all the latencies were dialled in, so i just had to start projects using my template. i still use my logic 8 template in logic 9 which is why i've not tested if they sorted the latency issue on aux busses.

don't know if that helps but if you want more info let me know.