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      i have my h8000fw firewired into logic pro 9

      i'm running through a bus with i/oinsert through firewire to the h8000 and back

      i'm sure this is simple but how do i get rid of the latency?


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      latency can be compensated but not get completely rid of.

      You may want to check the User Manual section "Setting The Sample Rate and Buffer Size for the System", on page 158.

      If true zero latency is what you are after, either your DAW has software for the purpose or you may want to consider using AES-EBU or ADAT connections.

      all the best


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      I still don't really know what to do.

      I am running the H8000fw as an aggregate device in logic. The latency is not an issue with my sound card and logic, but when i run a track through the h8000fw via firewire the latency between the effected sound and the original track is huge which is completely unusable.

      What do I adjust to sync this up? The buffer? 

      Am i using the unit wrong? How do people successfully use the firewire routing?

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      I'm not a Logic user, but most other DAW software has latency compensation available on a per track or per path basis. 

      If all else fails, you can always bump the source track back a time value equivalent to the measured round-trip latency or 'freeze' the track and bump back the effected result track.  It's like aligning drum tracks…


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      i am a logic 9 user.   first thing, is your 'plug in latency compensation' (prefs/audio/general) set to 'ALL' ? 

      i'm not sure how the H8000FW hooks up as i have a DSP7000 hooked up via analogue. so not sure about how the firewire is used or how it appears in logic.

      however i do know that if you are using the i/o plug and sending/returning over analogue or digital, the you need to compensate for the latency by using the 'ping' facility, so you need to have your H8000 set to 100%dry to initially enable the i/o plug to set the latency correctly.

      also there were issues in logic 8, that might be sorted in 9, where i/o plug on aux busses caused latency weirdness. the solution was to set up the busses in the environment, not in the mixer. its a bit of a long explanation so i won't go into it unless you want me to.

      basically i had my template set up in logic 8 with all my outboard set up in the environment, all the latencies were dialled in, so i just had to start projects using my template. i still use my logic 8 template in logic 9 which is why i've not tested if they sorted the latency issue on aux busses.

      don't know if that helps but if you want more info let me know.



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