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Hi Yannis

preset 3910 Drums-o-Tronica, right?

I hear a pattern that could typically be caused by modulating background noise. Consider that the PLEX modules is looping 8 delays back to each of them, going thru 8 MODFILTERS. This *may* indeed get noisy!


also consider that:

-I'm hearing the pattern only with headphone and my Mackie master out at 0dB and H8000 2 channels faders at +5dB ! That's really LOUD!!! In normal listening conditions and in a mix I wouldn't be concerned with noise. You don't set fx channels at +5dB.

I don't think there's much you can do to get rid of that.

Please notice that all of this has been tested at 48KHz sampling rate.

Now try 96KHz and tell me what you hear. I don't have a 7600 here, only H8000s, running the latest beta OS.

Routing: make sure you are only hearing a single processor (A), removing machine B from the audio path, all in stereo.