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I'm reporting everything from a strictly ANALOG usage test. No digital.

This is usually a more "true" test.

If you are using 96Khz, try lowering it to 48 and tell me wht difference you hear. I won't say what I hear until you tell yours. (:-))

Gates? like you I hate them. Adding gates to a sigfile is possible as long as there is still enough DSP power to run he presets…and many of those large ones running at 96KHz may only have room for a prayer when it comes to adding modules.

If you get to add gates, verb tails cut depends on how sensitive the gate is set to. The threshold is the key. But with very lush long verb tails I see a problem in getting the gate to close without cutting the fun….or at least there'll be a time gap where noise will be audible anyway, along with the softer part of the tail.