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Hello, I did the 5.5 update and it went very smooth.

After a few days of use I am finding the following issues:
a) When powering up, from time to time ( it looks like there is no way to replicate it through a routine) the machine shows the message "new operating system found…". Please note that the card with which I set up the update is not in the pcmcia reader and that this behaviour at powering doesn't always happen.
b) In my personal preset card I had a tweaked copy of the preset 2120 that, when loaded on 5.5 showed me the message "converting….. update it…". After I did it, the preset was screwed up by aliasing and problems in bit depth ( at least this is the way it sounds). So I loaded the original one from the internal memory of the h8000. The result was the same. Can you replicate this ?

Other than these things, which I am sure will be easily fixed, the addition of  Time and Mod Factor presets has brought some interesting new sounds indeed.

And, if I am allowed to ask: the fact that some programs need to be converted to the new OS at loading suggests me that you have been updating certain modules; may I know which ones ?

My best,