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Jazz Thieves


I seem to have run into some problems with 5.5.

Setup : q6600/cubase5.11/win7 64bit.

I am using the unit as my audio interface. When I have a project loaded and play midi data I get loads of glitching, even on really high buffer settings. I am new to windows 7 so decided it could possibly be a firewire driver issue. I tried the legacy drivers but that didn't work. I then tried a different firewire card but still no joy. 

I looked at the latency checker on Dice and was getting intermittent spikes up to 18000us. 

I then did a fresh w7 64bit install on a separate partition and loaded Dice and nothing else….same problem.

I then removed the firewire card altogether and loaded Dice. I checked the latency checker and it reported huge intermittent spikes. They stopped after 30 seconds or so but then they started as soon as I did any basic operations (ie opening a folder on the desktop).

Any ideas ??

Many thanks,