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Hi Mike

thanks for making it clear.

Eventides use XLRs for +4 dB line level balanced AND unbalanced signals, whereas the 1/4" are only used for -10/-20dB instrument level signals. Very likely (please check) your signal source is line level, thus requiring the use of XLRs inputs and outputs.

In addition the manual states :


“Hardwires” each input to its
corresponding output, i.e., analog input 1 is connected to analog output 1, digital input
2 is connected to digital output 2, etc. Shows red led when active.
Note: Because the 1/4” analog inputs have no corresponding 1/4” analog outputs, relay effectively mutes those analog inputs that are mated with 1/4” plugs.

That's the reason why you don't get any signal out.

And last but not least…you are missing the latest AND greatest OS V3 for the 7000. It adds a lot of new features, Tap tempo and many presets. Please update your unit!

all the best