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Hello Italo,

ok, let's forget Vsig and 4000 for a moment.

In the H8000FW (5.5), load an empty patch and  use the patch editor for inserting an envelope module and an ampmod module. Make proper connections and  set parameters to reasonable values.

–> With "sine" the envelope module acts rather like a through-module than e a sine. There is no audible envelope behavior, at least to my ears.  

–> With any setting different than sine the envelope module acts like it should, at least to my ears.

–> If  "half sine" is selected (was not available in 4000), then it acts like 4000 sine, at least to my ears.

If think the default setting of the envelope module should be changed to something different than sine, or, even better, the sine option should be completely  removed since it is not at all musically valuable.