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I don't exactly know what you need. In general you have to keep in mind the following:

-the H-series is the top line Harmonizer. You get better sound quality and full versatility as you can literally build your own algorithms from scratch or starting from a factory one (there are hundreds of them already).

-the stepper is something you will have to create. I cannot guarantee what you can build or not. This needs to be checked first, to understand if you'll get what you need. We have Vsigfile editor and H-units databases on the website, that can be downloaded and used on a windows pc to get the idea on what the programming can be.

-Ultrashifter is more of a studio tool that requires a lot of tweaking/optimization. It's also very heavy demanding on DSP resources and will pretty much max out a 7600 with only 2 voices of shifting.

-in terms of sound color, this is a very personal topic. Rest assured that the musical quality of the Eventide Harmonizer is there, and in a better format than on Eclipse.

-an other advantage of the H series is the fact you have several different modules to create any kind of effects. There are many different variations of EQs we also used in the plugins.

-as far as using different sources/channels/formats, the H8000 is the unit! With its Routing architecture you can almost get anything to anything in different audio formats. This may also require modding algorithms I/O structures to fit the system connections.

all the best