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Italo, my previous CF was the SanDisk CF (32MB) that came with the H-8000FW. It can read this card and then for no apparent reason it says that the card is not formatted! If I reboot the H-8000FW or unplug the card and insert it again then there's no problem. So, I went ahead and bought a new card.

Oh by the way, it's literally impossible to find a SanDisk CF of 32MB. Hell, it's even hard to find a CF card since most manufacturers have moved to SD. But methinks that if Eventide plans to continue using this type of format in their Harmonizers maybe the should stock some CFs. Or at least fix the issues with the CFs with capacities of 2GBs or 4GBs because these are the only ones that are available (without having to call the FBI to find you a card, ahahah),

Regards, Yannis