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Eventide Staff

Thank you for your nice movie. Be aware that it is quite likely that your problem is something to do with your computer hardware or software, in which case we cannot help you.

But, a few things we can try. Firstly, I note that your Digin Status shows an SRC error. This suggest that sample rate conversion is turned on – try turning it off and setting Digin to RCA.

It may be that you are trying to run your computer at multiple sample rates, but this will probably not be successful.

If that does not help, connect an RCA cable between the Eclipse digital in and out, set SRC to off, and clock to "int 48K", with digin set to "RCA". If the EXT light is flashing, try a CLEAR SETUP  (see User Manual). If this does not fix it there is a hardware problem and you should contact support@eventide.com. If it is not flashing (meaning it has locked to the input), the Eclipse is probably fine, and your problem is elsewhere.

The fact that your DAW showed an invalid sample rate is a symptom of the problem – if the Eclipse is set to digital in sync and it is unlocked, the sample rate is undefined.