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The new Routing App 2.8. does not work properly. Under Windows XP, when I select a preset from the drop down menu the changes are reflected in the H-8000FW very slowly. It takes ages to send the new routing and the screen redraw is very slow. In the H-8000FW routing page, the new routing name is NOT updated to the new value: i.e. I have "Analog Dual Stereo" in the H-8000FW, I select a different routing from the App, it changes the routing but not the name.

Same things happen when I select the routing from the H-8000FW: the routing changes very fast but the Routing app is updated VERY slowly to show the new routing. After that the application hangs.

Enabling/disabling the off-line demo mode makes the application hang.

I am using it with a serial configuration, COM1, Baud Rate = 115200, data bits = 8, stop bits = 1, parity = none. The same settings are used for VSig and it works fine.

Is it possible to make a new routing within the App and then store it in the H-8000FW? It's extremely slow otherwise, it's almost useless.


P.S. Maybe Eventide needs to seriously consider a USB connection for the next harmonizer. Just saying.