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Sometime in my twenties, I owned an Ensoniq DP/4, and was able in my perspicacity of youth to route a guitar into an input, a microphone into another input, and use the microphone to create a kind of auto-wah controlled effect, and I think it was through a vocoder preset. In any event, I'm trying to recreate this effect with the superior Eclipse, but with no luck. In fact, I see my guitar signal (input 2) on the meter, but do not hear it, regardless of what routing scheme used. I'm using a Vocoder preset, and on FXB, it's set to "mute," which I just unmuted.

1) Is there a feature in the Eclipse similar to what I described in the DP/4? If so, can you tell me how to set it up?

2) What would keep me from hearing channel two? (When I see the input, have channel two's output routed to my board?)