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Hey Nick,

Here's where I'm at:

In my SOUNDS menu on the iMac, I have EVENTIDE DICE selected as my main input/output.  I've also created an aggregate device for Core Audio, which I have selected in Logic.

My H8000FW hook-up is:

ANALOG 1 IN = preamp

ANALOG 1 OUT = L speaker

ANALOG 2 OUT = R speaker

In regards to H8000FW routing, I have selected preset program #27 (Analog&Firewire AB).  I get clear signals when I play software instruments.  When I try to record live audio, I don't get any signal out of my speakers, although there is a clear level registering in the Eventide, as shown on the front meter.

When I select preset program #10 (Analog AB), I cannot playback my software synths, but I do get a clear audio signal out of my speakers (from my mic).  Still however, I cannot record into Logic, as it is not receiving any information from the Eventide since firewire is not part of the selected routing program.

Based on this, I have a routing question that might be the key to my audio issue:

How do I configure my H8000FW routing so that I get a clear audio signal (like I am getting with routing preset #10) WITH firewire enabled?  I'm assuming the stem of my custom routing will be based on #27 (since it enables firewire and analog signals).  I've tried all the other firewire presets and the only one that receives any audio signal INTO the Eventide is #27, although there is no audio signal coming out of my speakers.

I must be really close!  Any suggestions?

Big Smile