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      Hey everyone, this is my first post!  I'm a new owner of the H8000FW and I'm using it as my main A/D interface.

      I'm using an iMac i7 with OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and I have my H8000FW hooked up via firewire.  I created an aggregate device per the instruction manual and it's working all right in Logic, except I CAN'T RECORD LIVE AUDIO INTO LOGIC THROUGH THE EVENTIDE!

      I have analog 1&2 inputs going into my L & R speakers.  Analog 3 input is for my preamp (coming from my mic).  I currently have routing program # 27 selected:  "Analog & Firewire AB", as that is what most closely resembles my current set up.

      I just can't get a signal in my audio channel I'm trying to record!  Seems like a simple and rather typical set up with 2 speakers and 1 mic.  Can anyone help!?!?!?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Andy – welcome to the H8000 !!

      Computer problems are hard for us to diagnose, especially as the problems may lie in some area that is totally beyond our ken. But, a few things to try.

      First of all, forget Logic for now, and set your Mac up so that the Default Input and Default Output  both go to the H8000. Do what you have to do to get this working on both input and output. You will have to deal with numerous Routing and configuration issues. For example, in the routing you mention, the 4 audio inputs appear on FireWire1 channels 5-8. If you don't notice this or can't connect to them, you'll get no audio in.

      Once these are working as CoreAudio in and out, then and only then should you move to Logic. A caution – any further problems will probably be Logic or Mac related, and not things we here can do much about.

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      Howdy, and thank you for your quick reply!

      Here's some more information:  The H8000FW is getting a clear audio signal from the mic/preamp out of Analog 3 in.  I can hear sounds with/without effects through the Eventide just fine from my iMac.

      It's only when I set up an Audio Track i Logic that there's an issue – the Eventide is showing an audio signal coming into Analog 3 just fine – however, the Audio Track in Logic is not getting any signal.

      Any new thoughts?

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      Eventide Staff

      I do need you to do what I asked (Default inputs and outputs with CoreAudio). The problem could be one of:

      1) H8000 routing

      2) Core Audio setup

      3) Logic setup

      4) something else.

      It is only be going through it step by step that one can see which it is. Logic is the last step, not the first.

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      Hey Nick,

      Here's where I'm at:

      In my SOUNDS menu on the iMac, I have EVENTIDE DICE selected as my main input/output.  I've also created an aggregate device for Core Audio, which I have selected in Logic.

      My H8000FW hook-up is:

      ANALOG 1 IN = preamp

      ANALOG 1 OUT = L speaker

      ANALOG 2 OUT = R speaker

      In regards to H8000FW routing, I have selected preset program #27 (Analog&Firewire AB).  I get clear signals when I play software instruments.  When I try to record live audio, I don't get any signal out of my speakers, although there is a clear level registering in the Eventide, as shown on the front meter.

      When I select preset program #10 (Analog AB), I cannot playback my software synths, but I do get a clear audio signal out of my speakers (from my mic).  Still however, I cannot record into Logic, as it is not receiving any information from the Eventide since firewire is not part of the selected routing program.

      Based on this, I have a routing question that might be the key to my audio issue:

      How do I configure my H8000FW routing so that I get a clear audio signal (like I am getting with routing preset #10) WITH firewire enabled?  I'm assuming the stem of my custom routing will be based on #27 (since it enables firewire and analog signals).  I've tried all the other firewire presets and the only one that receives any audio signal INTO the Eventide is #27, although there is no audio signal coming out of my speakers.

      I must be really close!  Any suggestions?

      Big Smile

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      Eventide Staff

      You really do refuse to do it my way. Ah well – just makes it more difficult. You'll have to read the Manual instead.

      If you look at routing #27 in the Manual, or using the Routing Utility, you will see that the analog outputs are driven by FW1-4 (via DSP A and B) – this is why you hear nothing on the speakers from the mic. The H8000 analog inputs feed FW5-8 – you will have to setup your aggregate device so it uses some of these.

      I really would suggest that you read the Manual and try out the Routing Utility – both of these will be helpful.

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      Thanks for your advice.  I started playing with the routing utility and it looks like I've established audio through the H8000FW and into Logic!

      In the Routing Utility, I started off with the preset #14 Firewire AB.  I then took Analog in 1 and matched it to Main in 1 (thus replacing its original signal from Firewire in 1).  Firewire 2-8 are still going into Main in 2-8.  The remainder of the routing is the same as #14.

      However, when I bypass the Eventide, I only hear back the dry signal out of my right speaker.  How do I get my left speaker to play back the dry signal as well?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like some progress – good !

      Assuming your H8000 is set for Relay Bypass, when bypassed you'll only get out what you put in. It sounded like you were giving it a mono feed, in which case you'll get a mono output. If this is not the case, what is your analog input and how is it connected ?

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      Hmmm, I selected DSP bypass for both system & machine… when I originally bypassed the system, I was still getting a dry signal out of both L & R speakers.

      I just loaded up a stereo track and tried it.  For example, when I pan to the left, nothing comes out of the left speaker.  However, audio comes out of only the left speaker, but not the right.  Same thing when panning to the right for audio.

      Do you think this might be due to the fact that I "stole" the connection from the Firewire in 1 port, in order to enable the Analog in 1?  Is there another way, perhaps using preset #27 instead, to route for audio?

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      Eventide Staff

      When the unit is in bypass the routing or firewire should have no effect. I have a suspicion that it is something at your end.

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      OK, I figured it out!!!!!  Cool

      I first switched my preamp input to ANALOG in 3.  In the routing utility I enabled the on-line mode, then selected #21 Firewire 8 Track AB.  I then connected ANALOG in 3 to MAIN in 3.  All the remaining Firewire ins were still connected to their corresponding MAIN in channels.  This resulted in MAIN out 1 & 2 receiving Firewire 1 & 2, which outputs to my L & R speaker respectively.

      I then connected MAIN in 3 to DSP B 1 & 2, and those into MAIN out 1 & 2 (on the right… there are 2 vertical columns of MAIN out 1-8.)  MAIN out 1 & 2 are also routed to my L & R speaker respectively.

      In sum, my firewire connection is routed through DSP A only, while my analog connection is routed through DSP B only.  Both make their way into MAIN OUT 1 & 2, so I have both firewire (software instruments) and analog (audio) signals coming out of both speakers!

      How does that sound???  Smile

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like you are making progress. Good !!

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