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TF & MF presets! Sounded very good after a quick testing. Yes

Loaded the fixed beta and it works. The first beta updated some user presets, few of them now wants newer version OS and won't load. It says "created with a newer version" –> ignore/cancel. 

So be sure to have your presets backed up!

There  were some glitches when remote controlling Parameters with "midi group". At first i got it working, but after a while found some behavior:

Midi CC from 0 to127 gave 0.6% to 99.7 or similar type response

Another CC movement made the Program page upper right corner text to scroll thru the Bank names

A third CC knob on my remote tried to load some preset, even when I'm not using Midi maps or program change 

Also noticed:

-4916 DiffuseRoom#24 still needs some looking.

-there's duplicate presets 1116 & 6517 "Omnipressor (R)" and 628 & 5912 "Messing With Stereo"

Thanks again for making this!