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i'll try to use the H8000 with a stabilizer to see if those problems will be solved,

the only strange thing,is the Ramp  parameter 1-4 on the #725 Reich Loops 2 preset,as I told you before,when I slightly change their values,up or down,starting from a zero value,comes out an incredbile bad sound,you can listen to it,in a clear way,into the sound file the i've attached. I don't think that it is caused from an external influence,like the click/pops matters on the other presets,because it only occurs when I act on the Ramp parameter of the #725 preset,it seems to be an internal error of that preset.

about the red led,do you mean that I have to be able to reach the red value with the signal input?sorry,but I didn't understand very well what did you mean about this red led matter,explain me better,if you can

yes,the sync source is set to Internal