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This is getting pretty long and I don't have much time before the holiday, so I hope I didn't miss anything…


Not the case with the Axe FX – and that is Eventide H-series quality. Why would I buy something that expensive with no samples to hear?

Not to be flippant, but there's a reason that Eventide has the reputation it does.  Put a different way, I would (and did) buy a Harmonizer on reputation alone…

i hope there are some FX similar to Kore FX packs – are you saying there is nothing like this in the H-series?   Not all of those effects are odd… many of them are very cool too!

Well, that's not exactly what I meant.  The Harmonizer has the *building blocks* to make all of those effects and more.  You'll find that the Harmonizer comes with a bunch of very cool effects already in the box.  With some programming, I'm sure the Harmonizer could duplicate all of the NI effects…

you engineer at Eventide?

No, I don't work for Eventide.  I don't think they could afford me!

a total integration idea for the H8000 to routable with DAWs that are not pro tools HD  (since the Eventide plug ins are only available on pro tools HD)…because one would expect to be able to route audio as an insert through the firewire cable to the H8000 so that no A/D or D/A conversion for out board processing would ever have to take place.

When you install the device drivers, you can route audio through the H8000FW.

For receptor, would that sound higher fidelity than NIs programs running on a PC?

Basically, the Receptor IS a PC.  The advantage of the Receptor is that it is already set up for you with everything installed…

Because althought some NI stuff is cool, its just a toy… not high fidelity like Eventide of Acces Virus if you get my drift…

I know quite a few people who use NI products professionally.  I think that the NI programs are very good and I think you'll find
that the sound card you use will make a big difference in the quality of
the audio.

(Re: IR) Well I am familiar with ones for sale from Redwirez and from other companies which you load into the Axe-FX and other amp modelers.  So you can load them into the H8000?

As far as I know you cannot load IRs into any Harmonizer, but I don't think it was designed with that in mind.  The reason I brought up impulse responses was that there are some good ones out there for creating crazy sounds.  It's just a different option, but typically one that runs in a computer, which I don't think is what you want…

I want the best possible effects unit.  Is the H8000 the best possible option for one or two channel audio?

I would think that the H7600 is the best for one or two channels.  The H8000FW will be better for more channels, including surround, and in those cases when you want to route audio through the firewire connection…