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Hello Italo, im Claudio from Peru in South America, i have an H3000se a time factor and a modfactor, i trying to buy the H7600 or the axefx ultra, theres no dealer in my country for Eventide, im gonna ask this question here because i dont see good videos for people making things in h7600.

a friend have the axe fx ultra i test the unit and i can make  a preset with 4 different delays not a quad delay or tab delay , and crystals, put the delays in any order and put an harmonizer all in one preset. real complex things.

the question is.. can i do this in h7600?

i read a lot of commets that you can do anything with the h7600 but as you know you dont see eventide in my country and i dont see a good review in youtube.

im a professional guitar player a session guitarist and touring with different bands here, i know that the manual helps with some questions but sometimes we need to ask directly about some crucial things.