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      Hi.I am a guitarist and I have to decide witch units could suit perfectly for me between the h7600 and h8000 but for doing this I need to know what are the limits of the h7600 in creating algorithms(effects..) with some concrete examples and technical tips.Please Italo help me.Thanks

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      Hi  Ale

      technically the single DSP in the H7600 is exactly the same as one of the 2 available in the H8000FW. So *any* algorithm that can be loaded in an H8000FW single DSP will also load in the H7600. No problems about that! Same power.

      What the H8000FW will give you over the H7600 is:

      -2 DSPs = double power than H7600 to run 2 algorithms at the same time

      -Monolithic Mode = some extralarge presets are only available in the H8000FW as the 2 DSPs can run together as a single one. These presets won't run on an H7600.  Most of these guys are surround 5.1 or multichannel presets (6 or 8 channels).

      -surround presets (5.1)

      -multichannel FX (good for recording and FoH)

      -4 analog I/O and tons of digital connections (ADAT and FW) the H7600 doesn't have. It only offers S/Pdif and AES-EBU.

      Now, from a guitarist point of view there are many different ways a rig may be assembled and different needs the musician may have. I don't exactly know yours, unfortunately…so I'll try to present some average and extreme scenarios that will show how the 2 units may fit, so that you'll have your decision based on solid ground.

      For a professional use the MIDI Virtual Racks available in both units are worth an H-series Eventide. These presets offer 5 highly sophisticated and terrific sounding fx units in each. 10 different tweaks can be created and stored in each. Then you can use a single MIDI CC message to recall any of these tweaks. Please download the Presets Manual for a deep explanation of them, available in the last pages.

      The average pro musician may live with these presets, loading one and having all his/her fx already setup and simply change tweaks. If the musician finds the need to often switch between different MIDI VirtRacks presets (as they have different FX configurations) then the H8000FW may have a great advantage as having 2 separate DSPs, it can run 2 complately separated audio paths thru 2 different MVRacks. So one would simply switch audio between the 2 DSPs, especially in a well conceived system with mixer or router. This would kill MIDI latency to a physical 0 time.

      The extreme tweaker/looper/experimentalist will find the H8000Fw more attractive as larger presets (monolithic mode) or loops > FX (2 DSPs!!!) are a plus.

      The H8000Fw will cover any need at any level…so in time it surely proves its muscles in more different performing and recording situations than the H7600.

      If you have a stereo life and the 7600 offers more than enough for you, then there is mo stereo machine that can be compared to it. Both choices will set you on the top.

      Last…but not least….the price of the H8000FW is more convenient than the H7600's, considering its power and flexibility.

      Lots of deep thinking in your weekend….. hopefully these suggestions show you important criteria for your final choice.

      Please ask anything you need to know ahead of time.

      all the best

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      Thanks for the tempestive post Italo,it clearified some doubts I had.I have only a last question :what is the limit for one algorithm?I mean,can i make a deep modulated reverb on the left channel and a distorted random delay on the right channel.The source is always a guitar.This will clearify totally what I need to buy.Thanks


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      IWith corrections…
      Thanks for the tempestive post Italo,it clearified some doubts I had.I have only a last question :what are the limits for one algorithm?For example:
      can i make a deep modulated reverb on the left channel and a distorted random delay on the right channel with the delay's highest and the lowest speed controls?The source of the signal is always a guitar.This time your answer will clearify totally what I need to buy.Thanks Ale

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      the limits in algorithm creations are:

      -DSP resources being exhausted

      -what FX you may have in mind and your ability and knowledge to create it with the existing modules in Vsig

      -your imagination

      You can make what you describe, although a definition of "random delay" would help.

      all the best

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      I have been asking in other threads whether the 7600
      or 8000 has some sort of patterned or stepped mod source in usable
      presets already or if not, then assignable arpeggiator as a mod source
      to control other parameters too.  But answers have been
      incomprehensible thus far. A gentleman told me they have to be
      programmed with the VSIG editor – something I will not be getting

      But also, 4-6 grand is alot of money to spend for a unit if it
      does not have some kind of mod source roughly matching what i describe.
        I currently own an eclipse but could possibly do a trade in to a 7600 or 8000 which i
      already spoke to eventide on the phone about.  The 2nd gentleman –
      phone guy – said he will do research because something like that
      patterned mod source definetly should be in the units.  But also, putting this aside, does anyone know if
      the only difference between the 8000 and the 7600 is the multi channel
      program additions and the two algorithms at the same time thing?  (aside from the virtual MIDI rack thing you just described… i dont really get that as i just used a guitar and switch things with a rocktron all access foot controller… i am either on rhythm guitar or on lead which sometimes needs some cool effects).   so is this 8000 simply just a 7600 with more sounds for surround sound?  in that case I do not need it for a band right?     Everything else about the sounds are the same
      right?  because i dont need that many channels.  Or is the 8000 have cooler sounds?  (and lets not forget the patterned mod source… i need very definitive answers if possible because i want this to be my last effects unit decision.  (and also, before getting into the manual of the eclipse – which i might not keep for a better unit, does anyone know if the Q or bandwidth can be adusted to 1/12th of an octave think – like a hair think for notching out or for an example – a band pass notch to add a bit of the thin 5k jet engine boost to a guitar amp?  and also a compressor which has certtain punch features like an API compressor – and can be applied to certain bands only if need be).

      this should cover everything.



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      Hello Italo, im Claudio from Peru in South America, i have an H3000se a time factor and a modfactor, i trying to buy the H7600 or the axefx ultra, theres no dealer in my country for Eventide, im gonna ask this question here because i dont see good videos for people making things in h7600.

      a friend have the axe fx ultra i test the unit and i can make  a preset with 4 different delays not a quad delay or tab delay , and crystals, put the delays in any order and put an harmonizer all in one preset. real complex things.

      the question is.. can i do this in h7600?

      i read a lot of commets that you can do anything with the h7600 but as you know you dont see eventide in my country and i dont see a good review in youtube.

      im a professional guitar player a session guitarist and touring with different bands here, i know that the manual helps with some questions but sometimes we need to ask directly about some crucial things.




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